Arab Studs Are Always Up For Some Oral Action

Time: 20 min

Elias and his Arab roommate are hanging out in their bedroom. Since his roommate is touching himself, his hand in his pants, Elias offers him a hand, or rather a blowjob. Just like that⦠To do so, Elias joins him in his bed and swallows his roommate's thick cock right away. He works his juicy lips up and down the Arab stud's rock-hard shaft for his greatest pleasure. After blowing him for a while on the bed and in the middle of the bedroom, taking his roommate's cock down his warm throat, Elias lies down on his bed to offer him his sweet hole. Elias is a real cock garage so there is no need to dilate his hole: his roommate's dick gets in easily and it starts moving in and out in an energetic way from the very beginning. Then, Elias gets plowed hard doogie-style and the stud's thrusts are so powerful that they make the bed rattle. They try one position after another and it is hot as hell! Every now and then, the Arab hottie slows down to feel Elias' smooth warm manhole with his engorged dick. Those two are enjoying each and every second of this steaming-hot ass-drilling session. Finally, Elias decides to impale himself on his roommate's big tool to feel it as deeply as possible. He rides it in this position until he climaxes. The Arab stud cums shortly after Elias and shoots a genuine cum shower on his flat stomach⦠Once again, you witness what it is like to share an apartment' or a bedroom' with a gay roommate. It makes you wanna find one, doesn't it? It is far simple than going online to find a hookup! You have your roommate at your beck and call whenever you are horny⦠Pretty convenient, right?

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