Meeting Markiza in Paris

Time: 16 min

Bryan Bellas, Menoboy Studios' latest sweetheart, is in Paris for the week-end and he decides to see Markiza, a cutie that he met last summer while shooting France's Next Best Young Rider. But since Markiza had gotten into an accident and was injured, Bryan could not enjoy Markiza's dick' except briefly for a hot threesome. Therefore, this time, he has the intention of taking advantage of his colleague, alone. Without wasting any time, the two guys start blowing each other in the corridor. Bryan sits back in a chair and lets Markiza take care of his dick. Then, he sucks Markiza's rock-hard cock in return. He moves his hungry mouth up and down on his friend's hard shaft and Markiza exults in the hot blowjob he is getting! On the dining table, he enjoys this oral sex session with his slut of a friend and he gets blown at length. At one point, Markiza starts slapping Bryan's ass before sticking his tongue in sweet hole. Bryan is getting eaten out on all fours on the table's bench when suddenly he feels his buddy's hard dick slide into his manhole. Markiza bones him harder and faster, clenching every muscle at each deep thrust. The pleasure of having this big tool deep inside of him drives Bryan Crazy. Markiza is in pretty good shape, the injuries caused by the accident are far gone! He has the firm intention of fucking the craps out of his friend. He takes him to the sofa and keeps drilling his hole. He fucks him hard, in a hot doggie-style position. Those two do have stamina and they know how to have great fun! Finally, Bryan sprays his friend's stomach with hot jism before Markiza cums, unleashing huge loads of spunk. That's the sign of a steaming-hot sex session!

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