Dam Kelm's Audition in a Hotel Room

- Time: 14 min

Dam Kelm is a hot French guy who loves sex. Ever since he heard from Menoboy Studios, He has been toying with the idea of getting into porn. After hesitating for several months, he has finally taken the plunge and has decided to audition. Jess Royan is in charge of filming the audition in a hotel room in Montpellier and he has asked Mickey, a new recruit, to be Dam's partner. Mickey is really horny when he gets there and so is Dam beyond his shy look⦠As soon as they are given the green light, Dam kneels down and swallows Mickey's thick dick. He hungrily sucks it, obviously really enjoying the taste of it⦠Mickey lets Dam in charge for a while, exulting in the juicy blowjob he is getting from this aspiring young actor... Then, Mickey stands up to get blown in this position, moving his dick in and out of Dam's cock-craving mouth. After blowing his partner for a while, Dam gets on all fours to offer his partner his welcoming hairless ass⦠Mickey starts fingering him but Dam's hole is already quite dilated. To make penetration easier, he spits on Dam's ass and plunges his hard dick in. Mickey moves his cock in and out, slowly, at first, and then more quickly⦠You can hear the sound of flesh flapping flesh and Dam is loving it, moving his hips to match the pace of Mickey's energetic thrustsâ¦'It's fucking great!' Dam tells Jess. When Mickey gives him a gentle slap on his butt, Dam wants more. He challenges his partner to pound him even harder by asking:'What was that girly slap?'. The two hotties finishes themselves off on the couch, jerking off side by side and almost cuming simultaneously. If all auditions were like this one, Menoboy Studios' ranks would be swelling as fast as Mickey's dick in Dam's mouthâ¦

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