Malik TN

Malik TN

Il a la tête du mari rebeu idéal mais il a préféré devenir un super casseur de boules. Malik TN cache derrière ses airs de mec bien une grosse soif de fions et il n'est pas du genre à se contenir. Quand un gars lui passe entre les mains, il sait faire monter la sauce. Sensuel ou super bourrin, son doigté élargit les trous les plus fermés et fait couiner d'extase les passifs les plus exigeants. L'as de la sodo, le coup de bite comme un art : la trique de Malik, tu vas la vouloir au plus profond !
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Published: 2019-02-22

Near Montpellier, there is a renown cruising spot called'le Grand Travers' where gay men come to have sex. It's 11.30 p.m. and Menoboy Studios is about to film a threesome scene between Polo, Malik TN and Miguel Martinez, right in the middle of this obligatory stop for any gay guy living in Montpellier. It is a very good and exciting scene. Polo screams at the top of his voice while Malik TN drills his ass. The three hunks fuck in front of dozens of amateurs and voyeurs. A must see video.

Published: 2019-02-20

In this gay amateur video, Malik TN and Quillian go to the back of their house for a blow job session. They are both well-hung and have a lot of cum in store. Holding the video camera they film themselves while they suck each other's dicks as well as when they spew their loads. It's an amateur video and it is really exciting. A great scene!


Malik TN's big cock is on fire! He hangs around in the corridors of his apartment block, hoping to find some dude to empty his aching balls...After a few minutes he spots a cute skinhead who seems willing and able. Malik waists no time and the cute guy gets and mouth and ass-full of XXL dick. The whole neighbor in the building can hear them fuck!

Malik TN comes back home after work. He is an executive in a company, so, he is dressed up. In the elevator, he runs into one of his neighbors. They look at each other intensely, both hoping for the other to make a move. When they are about to part ways, Malik opens the door to his apartment. His neighbor comes in and they suck each other's dicks to let the steam off after work. Once he has cumed, the neighbor goes back to his own apartment, as if nothing had happened. Malik jerks off in the kitchen and shoots his load on his suit.

Malik TN is a real predator for his colleagues. After fucking the Sergeant Major, he decides to pounce on Manu and to treat him to his 9-inch cock. Intense screaming and acrobatic positions, this is what great sex on a Zodiac boat with a hot stud is like.

Malik TN is an intermediary between an artist and a buyer who is looking for new pieces of art. Roméo Courtois disagrees with the price that Miguel Martinez suggests. To find the middle ground, Malik puts forward a possible solution : two payments. The first one would be cash and the second one would be of another kind... Both parties accept and, as a result, Roméo get drilled hard by the two well-hung hunks: Miguel and Malik. To finish with, Malik's ecstasy turns into a flow of sperm...


Tony Axel slept over at Malik's place, in Paris. When he wakes up, he kisses his one-night stand. Then he gets out of bed to open the shutters before going back and slurping Malik's gigantic dick. Malik turns him over, rims his ass and shoves different sex toys into it. With his rock hard cock, Malik enlarges Tony's hole. Tony relishes it. He enjoys it so much that he wants more. The bigger, the better. A fusion between those two sexy hunks, to been seen right now!

Malik TN is putting together an exhibition on New York City. As the private viewing is getting closer, he is really edgy and has to deal with last-minute details. When Polo Sixt shows up and complains about the place, which he doesn't like, Malik shows him right away who the boss is. He tongues his employee's sweet asshole before plunging his dick deep into him. Polo stops grumbling and lets his boss take matters into his own hands.

enzo rimenez 24
enzo rimenez 24

Malik (previously seen in Bogoss du Sud DVD) and Enzo take advantage of being in Paris to visit the Glory-hole section of Dark-Cruising. Malik sticks his massive cock through a hole to get it sucked off and Enzo has put on jockstraps making his ass even hotter in the darkroom!

Patrolling the Mediterranean sea, Sergeant Major Just-in notices a mechanical problem. Naval Fire Officer Malik decides to dive in and see what is wrong. Back on the boat, Malik gets a headache. His colleague, Just-In, decides to help him take off his diving suit. Surprisingly enough, Malik whips out his big caliber just in front of Just-in's face. Just-in swallows his colleague's entire shaft which is now scraping the back of his throat. Finally, Malik pounds the young fire officer hard, enjoying this moment alone together at sea...

Malik TN takes his hunk of a friend, Emilio Segura, to an abandoned building. Emilo lowers Malik's pants only to find out his monster cock. Emilo is really hungry: he swallows Malik's dick right away before deep throating him. Then, Malik drags him on the ground to pound him hard. In a graffiti-covered building, Malik is excited to a fault, as evidenced by the sperm shower, at the end.

On the shooting Dimitri and Malik spent a lot of time together. Between the two, it really hit it off. On this gay video by Menoboy Studios, they are not shooting a porn scene but rather, they are making love, passionate love. Dimitry Leskov kisses Malik TN. Then, he runs his tongue down Malik's chest to his crotch. He takes out Malik's monster cock and sucks it passionately. After a hot 69, Dimitry decides to fuck his friend up the ass. Malik takes it deep and moans a bit. But then, they switch positions. Malik gently spins Dimitri around to slide his dick in. Although mostly a top, Dimitri does not resist. He lets the monster cock in, even if it is a little bit painful at first. Malik ploughs him for quite a while before reaching climax and shooting his load.

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